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The Wall Trainer is a compact, enclosed resistance strength training machine that uses state-of-the- art, high-quality rubber cord technology that provides the best isotonic (positive concentric and negative eccentric) resistance on the planet.

We provide resistance that is both pre-stretched and pre-loaded, so the second you engage with any of The Wall Trainer attachments, the resistance mechanism is instantly in full gear. There is no lag, no slack, and no loose, low-resistance tension until you are already halfway through the motion/exercise. The Wall Trainer’s cord strength is a relatively small percentage of the actual capability, thus drastically reducing rubber resistance and the natural tendency to get harder through the rest of the exercise stroke.

We have a super simple and almost instantaneous dial mechanism that allows you to dial in the exact amount of tension you want within 2 seconds. In addition, you have very small increments so The Wall Trainer’s resistance mechanism has very little progression compared to any other rubber-type resistance systems. Therefore, you will literally never be stuck or unable to progress to the next level of resistance. We like to think of The Wall Trainer as a precision tool and not a blunt instrument.

1). The Wall Trainer is built in, never needing maintenance, and is engineered to last a lifetime.
2). The Wall Trainer is sensitive and responsive, allowing your muscles to respond accordingly by giving you an incredible pump of muscle and blood activation.
3). The machine is non-forging in both the positive (first lifting phase of the exercise) and the negative (lower phase of the exercise). This allows you to get maximum benefits and without wasting a second of time or energy.
4). All other machines do not contain speed training that can duplicate the fastest motion your body can move. The ability to perform everyday activities or excel in the sport of your choice is immeasurable to the benefits you will receive while working out with The Wall Trainer.
5). The Wall Trainer is not only the best positive resistance machine on the market but most machines that provide positive resistance and fast movements typically have ZERO negative resistance on the way down. The Wall Trainer provides the best isotonic (positive concentric and negative eccentric) resistance because we believe in maximum efficiency and maximum results.

When you do not have anything to fuss with and all you need to do is follow along, grab the handles or bar, and turn the dial to the resistance that is right for you, it just takes away all the obstacles. And to be honest, people who have used The Wall Trainer’s resistance system seem to get a more intense, effective, overall better workout. Between being impossible to cheat, how sensitive and responsive the cord mechanism is to your muscles, or the fact you can bounce from slow to fast reps instantly, The Wall Trainer is the clear choice.

The Wall Trainer will work for 95% of the population and 95% of exercises. Very tall, long-limbed people on very few select exercises might have to make some minor adjustments to get the full 100% range of motion.

The Wall Trainer is one of the safest weight training machines on the market. Why? Because the machine’s weights provide you with a good workout but are not free to fall or drop during exercise. Additionally, the machine adjusts to control how quickly you move, avoiding what is called a “whipping effect” in the cable, and preventing possible injury.

The Wall Trainer uses a slightly less amount of resistance than what you typically see on traditional weight stack machines. Designed and engineered with the equivalent of a 45 lb dumbbell in each hand, you will never need more resistance. Today's workouts are about form, function, balance, and being fit, strong, and healthy. That said, too much resistance is counterproductive to being healthy. Lifting too heavy, especially as you get older, can leave wear and tear on your joints or lead to injury. The Wall Trainer cord system is a safe, intense exercise machine that increases resistance to the point where it’s impossible to cheat. We recommend focusing less on the number and more on how it feels and the results you are getting.

The Wall Trainer is the only non-weight based machine with proven technology. The Wall Trainer resistance mechanism was invented by two seasoned fitness industry experts who are licensed to the #1 health club manufacturer of exercise equipment for decades, Life Fitness. Prior to the development of The Wall Trainer for the home and studio, The Life Circuit has been gym tested and proven for over 15 years, never needing upgrades. It has been used in thousands of health clubs and by millions of people over the years. Because health clubs carry the gold standard, we do not know of any other non-weight, stack-based exercise machine that has been accepted in the marketplace to that level. The Wall Trainer would be the first to offer this type of technology for public and consumer use.

Because of how efficient The Wall Trainer is to both use and adjust, and how effective our resistance system is, a simple 20-minute full-body workout three times per week, is more than enough.

The mechanism is almost completely silent. You have no clanging or banging of weights or a weight stack. Because The Wall Trainer has a cover and is mounted on a wall, you might get a bit of sound through the wall or reflected from the cover. However, The Wall Trainer is one of the quietest machines designed on the market today.

There are 50 main exercises that you may want to incorporate in your workouts from time-to-time and in different configurations. As you start using The Wall Trainer, you can easily find well over a hundred challenging exercises.

Yes. There are many exercises that can be performed on the The Wall Trainer that can be applied to individual sports to help achieve maximum results, such as dual grip punching for boxing and MMA, lower leg extensions and kick-outs for soccer, and single arm rows and swing exercises for golfers and tennis players. The more you use and train with the The Wall Trainer the more workouts you can develop for sport-specific training. New workouts and education will also continuously be provided by our trainers and uploaded free of charge to the workout screen for your ongoing use." to now read "New workouts and education delivered by our trainers are regularly uploaded to the workout screen.

There are many machines that use some sort of rubber-type resistance as their main resistance mechanism. However, no other company has taken the time and energy to design a machine that will allow rubber resistance that will duplicate and surpass what a traditional weight stack can do. Most companies that make exercise equipment stick to the standard. The Wall Trainer is designed to go above and beyond the standard, surpassing other machines on the market today.

You will not be able to cheat yourself through a rep as easily as you can with other weights, which might be a bit frustrating at times. However, The Wall Trainer will give you back 100% of what you give.

Tens of millions of repetitions and hours upon hours a day go into the professional health club versions of The Wall Trainer. Though we are not technically the commercial versions of the technology, all the lessons, technology, and design that went into making the machines are the most popular circuit line of equipment in history. All of these things go into each Wall Trainer we make, specifically customized for you!

Not at all. You can install The Wall Trainer in under 30 minutes. We give you the hardware and step-by-step instructions to make the installation as easy as possible. We do recommend you have a person who is experienced in securing things to a wall structure. You want The Wall Trainer to be secure and fit to last a lifetime.

The Wall Trainer is for people 18 and older. The Wall Trainer’s design is intended to be easy-to-use and durable, giving the user an exercise machine that focuses on great form, function, and feel. The Wall Trainer’s dial-resistance-adjusting mechanism takes absolutely no strength to operate and the machine is relatively electronic and computer-free, since exercise is really a low-tech pursuit. Additionally, the resistance mechanism can be turned to a lower intensity that even rehab-type exercises can be performed.

No. The Wall Trainer comes with a powerful system of cable hook-ups, attachments, and resistance settings, in addition to dozens of specialized, challenging video workout routines. If you prefer a flat bench, you can purchase in addition to The Wall Trainer, but it is not necessary to enhance your workout experience.

Although not impossible - we are confident saying it will be very difficult to outgrow The Wall Trainer. This is what makes The Wall Trainer the best investment in fitness equipment dollar-for-dollar in the industry today. Sure, there might be a few key strong exercises that you may find yourself maxing out on at some point but most of the exercises are designed to challenge even a bodybuilder and powerlifter.

Orders placed today will be shipped within 48 hours , Within 5 days of purchase you will be contacted to schedule installation. Our white glove service team with install and ensure your wall trainer is properly functioning and secure for you to enjoy for years of healthily workouts.
Your wall trainer comes with a 30 day risk free trail, warranty will automatically begin when your wall trainer is delivered.