Getting started is the hardest part of any fitness journey. There are often too many hurdles and too many reasons to kick the commitment. The gym is too expensive, you don’t like the fitness instructor, it’s too far to drive, you feel uncomfortable working out in a group. The list goes on.

We hear you and we get it! 

In fact, the lengthy list of inconveniences that often stop people from maintaining their physical fitness routine is the reason we created The Wall Trainer. We promise to be the solution to your physical wellness concerns. We’ve eliminated many of the inconveniences that come with starting a new workout regimen, so you can focus all your energy on taking that first step towards an important lifestyle change.  

Keep reading to learn more about some of The Wall Trainer’s tips to begin your fitness journey and which of our personal fitness programs might work for you.

Make a Commitment 

You owe it to yourself to make your health a priority. Pick a time when you can truly focus on getting started. The first month of any new workout or diet routine is the hardest. Fill your pantry and refrigerator with nutrient-dense, high protein foods and toss out the tempting treats. 

Start Small

Small is better than nothing at all. Start with just 30 minutes a day. Set realistic goals for yourself and make them achievable. You’ll find that a dozen small successes add up to one big win! 

Involve Friends

Accountability is important whenever you start something new and challenging. Tell supportive friends about your fitness efforts, and talk with them about your goals. Find a workout buddy or someone who is also beginning a new wellness routine. Fitness trackers are also a great way to monitor your progress, and keep you accountable for your goals.

Realize Improving Your Health Isn’t Just About Working Out

You can’t hope to change your exterior without first addressing the interior. Examine your eating habits, your sleep, stress level, and take stock of your mental health. Are you overworked? Dealing with a lot emotionally? What’s happening inside of your body (and mind) is critically important to achieving a healthier you?

Reward yourself

We all need something to look forward to. Set goals, and then reward yourself for hitting them! Choose things that are truly motivating for you. Pin your rewards up in a place where you can see them, or set alerts on your phone/fitness tracker to remind you what you’re working towards.

Exploring The Wall Trainer Workouts

A guided workout can help you stay motivated and committed. The Wall Trainer offers high-quality video workouts taught by professional fitness instructors. Below is a breakdown of our program categories, so you can learn more about what programs might be best for you:

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